Different Ways to Earn

At instaGC.com there are loads of different ways to earn money, which will either be sent to you by Check, or instant delivery by email in the form of Vouchers for sites such as Amazon, Best Buy, Target and Gamestop - even if you're a teenager!

Some of the ways to get the Gift Cards for Free include:

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instaGC has a whole host of Surveys to choose from. A lot of these can only be taken once (until it becomes available again), however there are lots of surveys that can be taken once every 24 hours - "daily surveys." Daily Surveys are great because they usually have a very high payout and since you can do them every day it allows you to make enough to cash out every day!

Daily surveys are a great way to get points towards free gift cards

As you can see, those are just two Daily Surveys (As indicated by the Blue 1x in the top right corner, which means they can be completed once a day), and the payout is a staggering 98 points! That means by completing just these two daily surveys a day, you will have almost enough points (just 2 short, which is very easy to get), of cashing out $1 every day. Obviously you can cash out even more if you do more offers and Surveys! I am in the UK and have 6 Daily Surveys available - but if you're in the US you can have 16 Daily Surveys available! That's 16 Surveys you can take every single day for hundreds of points, and hundreds of points, equals lots of $$$!

Free to Complete Offers

complete free offers at instaGC to earn points for gift cardsThese are Free Offers that you can complete in order to receive points towards your Gift Card! These offers do not require any form of payment or Credit Card details and this is why they're dubbed "Free Offers." Free offers usually involve signing up to a Service, taking a survey, or downloading and installing a program/software.

free offers can be easily completed to earn free Amazon gift cards The image on the right is an example of a free offer on an Offer Wall, which you can find out more about below. This specific free Offer is asking to Register on a Website, and on completion you will receive 39 points (equivelent to $0.39!). Make sure when you complete Offers to not use your primary email because you may be bombarded with Spam. Make sure you use real info however because often you will be found out and have your earnings or even your account revoked!

Paid (Trial) Offers

Paid, or Trial Offers are different to Free offers because they usually have a much higher payout, but require a paid subscription/trial or one off payment. Although this may not be for some people as they don't have a Credit/Debit card, they are fantastic because they are often for places you would spend money anyway!

paid offers offer huge payouts and massive cash outs for amazon gift cards!The image to the left is an example of a Paid Offer supplied by instaGC. It is for the company Host Gator, who host websites. By signing up for hosting and making sure to renew for the second month, you'll be awarded 3250 points! That's $32.50! What's great for me is that Hosting is something I'm really into, so this offer is great for me - it is something I'd usually spend money on but by using instaGC I can get money back from doing it! There are other offers which require you to sign up for a free trial with a company, for example Audible. On signing up for the trial you must enter your Credit Card details, and then after the free trial is up your subscription will continue and you'll be charged. You must make sure that if you don't want to contniue the trial, that you cancel it.


you can earn free amazon gift cards by watching videos online at instaGCYou can even earn points (and giftcards as a result) from Watching Videos at instaGC. Yes it's that simple! You don't even have to have the tab open whilst watching it (though you should, otherwise it defeats the purpose). The Videos are on YouTube but you don't even need to leave instaGC to watch them, they're embedded inside instaGC so it's more convenient for you! Payouts are usually relatively low (1 - 2 points) however even watching a few videos a day can make a big difference to your earnings over a longer period of time! The videos are always updated daily so there's always going to be fresh videos to watch and earn with. I might watch 10 videos in a day which means I'm 1/10th of the way towards cashing out! Just from watching videos!

Offer Walls

These are offers brought to you by other companies, but embedded and intergrated with the instaGC site! These have hundreds of offers in each one and are updated regularly! Some of them are Paid (For example the TrialPay Offer Wall) however most are free to complete!

cloudflower is an offer wall enabling you to earn hundreds of points towards your free amazon giftcard

The above image is an example of one of the offers in the Cloudflower offer wall, which is one of the more popular Offer Walls. (There are also Daily, Weekly and Monthly contests with a big points prize to whoever completes the most cloudflower tasks, more info below). Cloudflower has loads of different tasks you complete and you work your way through pages with multiple tasks to do. In the example above you have to look at a website they provide and determine what category it belongs to (by selecting from a drop down esque list). There will be around 5 websites per page and on completing the page you get 16 points and can move to the next page. As you can see above, there are 3113 tasks available on JUST the categorizing offer, and there are loads of these offers within Cloudflower. That's what's great about Offer Walls, there are thousands of ways to earn points!

More Ways to Earn

There are loads of other ways to earn, for example Paid To Click (PTC), where you can earn 1 point for simply clicking on a link and visiting a site. These can be done every 24 hours so it literally takes a second each day to help work towards your goal.

There's also contests, as I mentioned above there's a CloudFlower contest, but there's also Daily, Weekly and Monthly contests for number of offer completions and number of referrals. These have pretty high points payouts for the top 5 members, and then 5 Random members will also receive 100 points ($1)!

You can also receive Cash back on your shopping through Shared Shopping. For example, at Amazon if you click on a certain link, then do all your shopping and let instaGC support know what you bought, you receive 2% back on your purchases (excluding S&H and Tax). It's great because you can even send this link for your friends and family to use, as long as they tell you what they bought. If they don't want to tell you themselves then they can contact instaGC support and let them know privately!